Better Protection from Concussions While Playing Hockey

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We are only a few months away from the start of the professional hockey season. The NHL will be starting up in the beginning of October and may not have any competition from other sports. Labor disputes are currently under way in the NFL and the NBA and their resolution is uncertain. American will only have one option for professional sports entertainment if these leagues do not settle their disputes. Should this happen even a bigger spotlight will be on the biggest problem in hockey.

In all contact sports concussions are an issue even if contact is generally considered minimal. This issue is even bigger in sports like hockey where the action is fast and physical. The NHL has served as the arena for debate on concussions in hockey over the past few years. Severe concussions have been the result of many hits that were within the rules of the game for many players in the NHL. A movement for change within the hockey community has been fueled by these cases.

Protecting the players better through advanced safety equipment is a large part of this change. Maybe the best way to protect hockey players is with cutting edge head gear. There is no way to take the risk of head trauma completely out of the game even though rule changes will help. The game itself would have to be completely changed to do this. Preventing concussions can instead be done with a helmet which allows the structure of the game to be unchanged.

The helmet and cage combo from Easton, the Stealth S9, protects all ages of hockey players from concussions. It is packed with cushion and is adjustable for different sized heads. This allows the helmet to absorb a tremendous amount of force during violent collisions. Slight rule changes are a way for the game of hockey to protect players better. Better equipment is still the most efficient way of protecting players during the game of hockey.

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